Notice to all customers!

I’m taking some paternity leave for the next few days!  You can still place orders however deliveries won’t be made until the start of next week.  Some subscriptions might also be a couple of days late.  Thanks very much for your understanding.

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My very first offering; an incredible, quintessential filter coffee from Arabica’s ancestral home. Growing at high altitude has allowed this coffee to develop a wonderfully complex balance of sweetness and blackcurrant flavours. I’ve roasted it light to accentuate the delicate floral aroma and crisp acidity that gives this coffee a really individual character.

Pha Yar Gyi Kone


A sparkling, rich and complex coffee from one of the recent superstar coffee producing nations.  This light/medium roast has notes of berries and stone fruits and works remarkably well with any brewing method.



Black tea, blood orange and a touch of jasmine can be found in this washed coffee from the impressive Mchana estate in Kenya’s Kiambu County.  It is a super clean coffee that works brilliantly as a pour over or, ground slightly coarser, in a french press.